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Have you been wondering what you must do in your free time?

When we are rearing and caring for our children we are snugly so wanting in time all the time that we have no after thoughts about pursuing an interest or a hobby. The idea may even sound alien where you may glare at someone who proposes you at that phase in your life to remove a bit of time for yourself so that you can learn a small skill, perhaps a bit of candle making or a short creative writing course.

It is possible that you may want to pick up the nearest pillow lying around and fling it at that proposer because you cringe that you hardly have the time to even sleep or go for a relaxed evening bah before you hit the bed and here someone wants you to learn a new skill and pursue the art as well!

Not without reason!

We have been an institute that has stuck around for more than two decades only because there are many who inspite of their busy lives and demanding careers take out time to learn a new skill like say candle making or a short course on the phonetics or storytelling.

The courses we offer are so varied and off beat that anyone can take them and not help but benefit from them not just mentally but even psychologically. 

 The big question is why must you come to us?

The fact is that when we started out we never realized that there was a huge potential in the field. We were basically trying to cater to a niche market of people who were having excessive time at their hands or empty nesters who wanted t do something but were at a loss for want of any such systematic place of study where they could learn the skill from the basic and then take it from there.

Yes, online courses also:

We have an online module for every course that we have at our institute and it gives us immense pride that today in this world driven by gadgets and smart phones there are more students in our physical classrooms than the ones who opt to do it on the internet. Because art is something you feel and touch and it in turn touches your conscience!